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Seat Repair

Windshield Repair

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Seat Repair

Most vehicles experience cloth seat failure at the seams after just a few years of use. This is especially true of pickup trucks and SUV's, but passenger cars, buses, RV's and other vehicles are also candidates. Our special technique uses a factory replicating seam process, remaking a "new" seam unnoticed to the uneducated eye. 

Cigarette burns are dealt with in a different manner. Although some cigarette burns can be eliminated by using a factory seam, most are located in open areas of the seat. Zekes' uses a technique where fibers are mixed to match the color of the cloth, then repairs can be made to flawless perfection.

Leather and vinyl can be challenging. When we achieve a vulcanized repair, (melting new material into the damage, with matching grain), we are giving out customers a flawless repair with structural strength.


Windshield Repairs

Windshields are composed of two sheets of glass, with a clear lamination between them. When a rock is hurled at high speed, striking the windshield, a fracture is caused between the exterior sheet of glass and the lamination. It is in this crevice that air, water, and/or temperature change cause the windshield to crack beyond repair. With our state of the art windshield repair technique, a UV sensitive resin is injected under controlled high pressure, filling all cavities and "legs" of the fracture.  Once all the air is removed from the interior of the repair, the repair is then exposed to sun light for at least 20 minutes. The result is a virtually invisible repair to the naked eye.